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One of the most outstanding institutes for academic research in Management among all the private universities in Taiwan

Located in the heart of Taiwan, the College of Management currently has five departments: Business Administration, International Business, Accounting, Tourism, and Finance, as well as one EMBA Program and one Business Management Program (Continuing Education). There are 86 faculty members and nearly 4000 students in the college. Two research centers—the Business Ethics Teaching and Research Center and the Case Teaching and Research Center—are mainly set up to promote ethical education and practical and applied management teaching.
Quality Teaching Supports Academic and Personal Growth
The renowned international journal Scientometrics in 2009 indicates that in research performance (journal publications) , the College of Management of Providence University received a rating of 17 among 168 universities in Taiwan.
Statistics based on SSCI and SCI journal publications conducted by the National Science Council in Taiwan and the renowned domestic journal ‘Management and System’ indicated that Management journal articles issued by Providence University from 1995 to 2004 were rated first among private universities.
The College of Management has been assigned by the National Science Council to be one of the two main universities which lead Case Study on Management.
Since 2000, the College of Management has received the Integrated Planning Award from the National Science Council four times.
The College of Management also aims to increase its international research capability.
Ethical, Professional, Interdisciplinary,and Multi-Field Instruction
The 2011-2012 results of Excellence Projects in the College of Management are as follows:
Executing 2 Excellence Projects: Goal-Orientation to Promote Competitiveness in College of Management and Business Management Teaching Resource Center.
Offering 22 courses in case study, 18 interdisciplinary courses (WTO included), 13 courses in ethics, 15 career curricula (106 courses included) and 11 counseling license courses amounting to 8,108 person-times.
Holding 6 contests, visiting businesses 15 times and inviting professionals to make 23 speeches, with total participation by teachers and students amounting to 4,422 person-times.
Counseling students of the College of Management to earn 518 certificates and preparing 13 students for participation in meritocratic projects of overseas study.
Developing 3 technology transfers, 1 published book, and 2 cultural cuisine experiential trips.