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Scholarship for Local student

Emergency Funding
·      If you are facing unexpected financial distress or have had a significant change to your financial situation so that you are unable to continue your study, Providence University has the emergency funding available to support you.
·      Emergency Funding Application Requirement:
       1.      Students who meet the academic average 70 points with no punishment record.
       2.      The moral score from the previous semester is 80 or above with no punishment record.
       3.      Please submit the application, transcript from the previous semester, recommnedation letters from your professor, and other documents deemed useful to the college of management.
·      Please contact College of Management to schedule an advising appointment with Advisor. We will be able to assess your financial situation and provide the best course of action for your situation.
·      This funding is case-specific and is dependent upon the availability of the funding of College  of Management.The exact funding will be decided by the emergency funding review team, and the maximum of this emergency funding is 30,000 NT.