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We are eager to provide better learning and working environments for the students and staff in college of Management.
The main jobs of our managerial teaching lie in EXPERTISE and ETHICS. Namely, we not only impart professional knowledge to students but also highly emphasize ethical education.
Based on the managerial teaching of the ‘2Es’ (EXPERTISE and ETHICS), we also dedicate ourselves to the ‘3Es’ in instructional method. First, concerning attitude, teachers are requested to treat students with EMPATHY to satisfy students’ needs. Second, during schooling, teachers are requested to stress EMOTHION education to develop good human relationships among students. Last, concerning the teaching result, we emphasize the EVALUATION of both students’ learning and teachers’ instruction.
Through leadership in practicing the ‘5Es’, we hope to cultivate undergraduates and graduates into managerial elites with expertise and ethical character. Furthermore, we are also dedicated to promoting the job satisfaction of the staff in the college.
We will enrich INTERDISCIPLINARY teaching to equip our undergraduates and graduates with the abilities of PATHFINDING, PROBLEM-SOLVING and IMPLEMETATION.
Through interdisciplinary training, we hope to establish in students THE SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY and THE VALUE OF ETHICS, two critical qualities of managerial elites.
We believe that if each member in the College of Management, including students and staff, can promote his/her ability of SELF-DEVELOPMENT, the educational function of Providence University will also be strengthened. Simultaneously, it will be helpful for the society and the country in its development and devotion to human resources.